Adax Responsability

With our promise of "quality" comes responsibility to our consumers, the brand, the environment and the people involved in the processes and therefore, we must find our natural role and contribute to the sustainable transformation of our industry. Social and environmental responsibility are growing and constantly developing goals of ours at Adax. Responsible production and high-quality products are part of what we stand for. We are passionate about creating long-lasting durable products and this the very foundation that Adax has been built in since it started in 1982. In recent years, we have worked on a variety of green initiatives relating to our collections including experimenting with 100% vegetable tanning as well as taking initiatives on new materials such as recycled nylon and PU. In addition, we also have a strong focus on social responsibility with our suppliers and help to ensure proper working conditions. By caring for the environment and working towards more sustainable production, we are striving to reduce and leave a smaller environmental footprint as a brand. It's a challenging journey and we know we're a long way from the finish line. But we are enthusiastic about keeping up to date with what is happening around us as well as keeping up with the times so we can continue to evolve positively as a brand.

Below, please read about Adax's initiatives and goals for a
greener future.





Sustainable Development Goals

Objectives for the future