Responsibility at ADAX

In the future, we will, as a brand, work towards becoming a greener company in our industry. That is why we are also working on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which you can read more about here.

To be part of reducing our climate footprint, we will work towards the following goals over the next 8 years:

Consumer behaviour:

We want to use our role in the industry to change our consumers' behaviour to buy better quality and less fast fashion. We will put more focus on the durability our products deliver and how we create products that can last for many years and therefore do not support the throw-away culture.


New collaborations:

In the future, we would like to enter new collaborations that can help strengthen our knowledge of Adax's evolution towards a greener company. We are aware that we are not yet at the end of our green ambitions, and therefore we think it is important that we are always open to becoming even wiser about our actions and through collaborations. This means, among other things, that we place even higher demands on our suppliers to create a more responsible production from our raw materials to the products landing in the stores.


In the future, we also want to be more transparent, and we are
working towards having 100% traceable leather by 2030.

Green energy sources:

We want to establish green energy sources throughout our entire value chain. From production through distribution to our offices.


We will significantly minimise our waste in both production and
packaging. All our packaging and POS materials will be produced from recycled or biodegradable materials by 2030.


We want to use greener transport routes and engage in a deeper
dialogue with our distributors on greener cooperation in near future because we want to reduce our CO2 emissions in our distribution chain. We have already started discussions on how to ship our products home in a greener way. Therefore, we also aim to have at least 50% of our freight transported on green energy by


One goal we are aiming for is to be circular in more places than
just our value chain. This includes creating concepts that further extend the lifecycle and give our products new life with new consumers.