Sustainable Development Goals

In 2016, the UN SDGs came into force, representing seventeen concrete goals and 169 sub goals that commit all member countries to completely eradicate global poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, ensure quality education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth. They also focus on promoting peace, security and strong institutions, and on strengthening international partnerships.

Adax is keen to participate in these objectives and we are already working on some of the sub-objectives with a strong focus on improving our performance below. Read more about our work on the SDGs below.


SDG 3 addresses the goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages - both physical and mental. At Adax, we work with sub-goals 3.8 and 3.9.

3.8 Providing access to medical care for all

Our suppliers provide health insurance for all employees. In
addition, we provide free health insurance to our employees in the office in Denmark.

3.9 Reduce illness and death from chemicals and pollution.

Our suppliers ensure good air quality, clean water and good
sanitary conditions for all employees.


SDG 8 states that those who have the least should have the
opportunity to work their way out of poverty through decent work and with decent rights.

8.4 Using resources efficiently in consumption and production

We focus on making the best use of our resources and materials,
and on creating durable products. We must continue to improve the efficiency
with which we use global resources in our consumption and production.

8.7 Abolish child labour

At Adax and at our suppliers, child labour is not permitted.


SDG 12 is about recycling our resources, avoiding resource wastage and making consumption more sustainable.

12.1 Implement the 10-year framework programme on sustainable consumption and production

It is a goal of Adax to actively participate and complete the
program to implement sustainable consumption and production patterns and inform our consumers more about consuming with care for the environment.

12.2 Use and manage natural resources sustainably

We have always focused on managing our materials in the most sustainable way. However, it is still a goal for us to minimise our material footprint on the environment and make sure to minimise waste as much as possible through our value chain.

12.4 Handle chemicals and waste responsibly

All our suppliers work within the LWG certification which sets international standards for managing chemicals and waste products in leather production in an environmentally sound way. In this way we ensure that we can minimise damage to human health and the environment in a controlled way.

12.5 Reduce waste significantly

We focus on significantly reducing our waste through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling throughout the value chain, especially in production and distribution.

13 Climate action

SDG 13 is about halting climate change so that many future
generations can live good lives on Earth. At Adax, we are extremely focused on how we can reduce our environmental footprint throughout the value chain and have set ambitious targets for our future for this very reason.

Read more about our objectives here.