Our product reflects who Adax is. Since we started in 1982, quality has been our top priority, which is why we use some of the best leather on the market. This ensures strong durability and enables us to help create positive changes in consumer behaviour towards a greener future.

For many years we bought high quality leather from Italy, and thus we chose to use Italian area names for our different leather qualities. We have been working with our suppliers in India for many years now and are in constant dialogue to ensure the same high quality. Today, all our leather products are produced in India.

Leather ‚Äď the material

At Adax we only work with residual leather from meat production and therefore do not contribute to the unnecessary slaughter of animals solely for the fashion industry. Our production in India is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), which works to reduce the environmental impact of the leather industry. Further, we have created our eco-friendly line, Teramo, which is chrome-free tanned with a lining made from 100% recycled polyester.

We have always focused on minimising our waste material, as
leather is a precious commodity. Therefore, through close cooperation with our suppliers, we have managed to make full use of our leather skins. To us, this has always been a natural and obvious way to produce.

Alternative materials

At Adax, we have a long history of creating functional bags and as time goes by with increased focus on the environment and our planet, our customers are also making choices and opting out of leather.

This development towards a greener planet is naturally something that we as a brand will not ignore. Therefore, we launched our Novara collection in 2019 consisting of 100% recycled nylon and 45% recycled polyester lining - both with Global Recycled Standard certification.

The latest initiative is the launch of a vegan leather line in our
Spring 2023 collection made from recycled materials, which offers the same functionality known from our leather bags, but from non-animal material. This line is also certified with the Global Recycled Standard.

However, we will continue to work with leather as this is a big
part of our brand DNA as well as a material with incredible durability, which we believe still makes it relevant to use in a greener future.


Our suitcases are known for being superlight and durable at the
same time. Today, the lining of all suitcases is made of 100% recycled polyester, certified by the Global Recycled Standard. We are continuously working to expand the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Certifications for our products

At Adax, it is important for us to have data on our promises as
well as a benchmark for ourselves and our consumers, which is the reason we work with international certifications of our materials a great deal.

For our leather collections, we work with the Leather Working Group certification - an audit for our supplier's leather environmental performance, including wastewater management, energy consumption, waste management, occupational health and safety, chemical handling and testing of banned chemicals.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a certification we have on our nylon products and our vegan line to ensure that the material both meets the recycled content stated by the supplier, as well as production of the material is done with the environment in mind, including wastewater and energy management as well as employee safety.

At Adax we also work with the REACH standard, which ensures that all our trims comply with EU standards for harmful chemicals and heavy metals.