The Balloon Journey

A trip in a hot air balloon is a peaceful and exciting way to experience
the world. Flying in an air balloon, gives you the opportunity to see the world in a whole new perspective - our everyday surroundings suddenly feels so small. This inspired our design team to create a collection with new and different shapes for the bags - shapes you for sure never have seen before at Adax.


A bag is not just a bag ‚Äď it is an important accessorie, which reflects your personality, taste and style. It is an essential part of everyday life, because it stores all your most important belongings. Whether it should be spacious and practical, simple and classic or colorful and with many details, that‚Äôs entirely up to you.

A good bag for everyday life is a must for every woman. It must be of good quality, so that it can cope with everyday hardships. A leather bag of good quality can, if it is treated properly, be a faithful companion for many years. Since 1982 Adax has been designing bags for women, who appreciate beautiful designs and good quality.