Classic and timeless vegan handbags and shoulder bags for women.

Hello I'm Vegan

Our mission at Adax is to create bags for everyone, and herefore we strive to offer a sustainable range of bags focusing on certifications, vegan materials, and durability.

Therefore, we have created our vegan collection, which embodies all our core values. The collection consists of sophisticated designs, durable vegan materials, and functional bags that meet your needs whether you need a smaller handbag for city trips or coffee meetings, or whether you need a larger shoulder bag that you can take with you on the go in your everyday life.

Vegan bags created with care for the environment and social

Adax's vegan bags are GRS certified. The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is a global certification standard that sets requirements for recycled materials. GRS certification is a credible third-party verification, meaning that a company meets specific environmental and responsibility standards in their production and supply chain.

As a brand, we are very focused on our social responsibility. Therefore, we work closely with our producers in India to maintain an environmentally friendly and safe working environment for our producers' employees in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

What materials are Adax's vegan bags made of?

Adax's vegan bags are primarily made from a mix of post-consumer polyester and pre-consumer plastic based on The Global Recycling Standard certification, both of which are materials that help reduce waste and environmental impact.

Post-consumer polyester: A material made from recycled plastic waste from consumer products such as plastic bottles, packaging, or similar, which would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

Pre-consumer plastic: A material consisting of surplus materials from plastic products that have not yet reached consumers. The plastic is used to produce recycled polyester, which can be used to make clothing and bags, among other things.