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Complete your look with a bag from our exciting collection and discover our extensive range of bags for women. We’re got bags for women in all sorts of colours, shapes, styles and types of leather in order for you to find the perfect bag for any occasion. You can find the perfect party-ready clutch, simple totes, practical shoulder bags and crossovers, working bags and handbags in our webshop.
A beautiful bag is one of the most important style accessories and an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe out there. Bags are not just perfect for keeping your belongings stylishly hidden; they can also brighten up your outfit and be a fashionable statement. It should therefore never be completely random what kind of bag you choose as your arm candy. Embrace an inspired look with our great and varied range of women’s bags and browse through our bags to find the right one for you!

Passion for quality


Adax Bags

Oh bags. Many women’s weakness and the subject of endless desire and yet one of the most functional items you might ever own. Whether they are just a practical necessity to go about your everyday or a fashion statement, women’s bags sit amidst a flurry of trends, styles and designs. We know all about it, as we been passionate about bags since 1982. From shoulder bags and clutches to shopper bags and working bags, we’ve got every type of bag to help you carry it all. We are always brainstorming and thinking of new bag ideas, designs, colours and functions and we hope that you will be able to find a bag that you love in our extensive range of leather bags for women. High quality, functionality and a beautiful design has always been key elements in our design process, and we believe that a stunning and useful bag is the most important accessories for women and an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Bags are not just perfect for keeping your belongings stylishly hidden; they can also brighten up your outfit and be a fashionable statement. It should therefore never be completely random what kind of bag you choose as your arm candy.

Bags For Every Occasion

We hold our lives in our bags – it is no exaggeration. Bags has proven to be a woman’s life-saver time and again and no matter where you are going, you will at least need something to carry your mobile, wallet/credit cards and keys. It can be a quest to find the perfect bag for various occasions, so we have decoded the types of bags down for you to make it simpler.
A good carry-all shopper bag, working bag or a large handbag with laptop padding and a shoulder strap could be your best friend in a corporate job or when attending school. We have chic, big-sized shopper bags, working bags and handbags specially build to accommodate a laptop and to stow printouts, electronics and some makeup. Going for shopping excursions, a shopper bag or a shoulder bag with long handles is a great option. An elegant backpack could also be an option if you want to keep your hands free. Our crossover bags and shoulder bags are always stylish and good for multi-purposes. Choose a simple one for a casual look and one with gold-plated fittings for a more elegant look. Going to a party or a special occasion, one would need an evening clutch or a small crossover bag. If you are going on a short weekend-trip, but feel like a suitcase is too big, then one of our weekend bags would be ideal to keep some clothes, a couple of shoes and some toiletries and electronics. We always make sure to have a bag for every occasion and we hope that you will find one you like.

How To Pick The Perfect Bag

Most women have been carrying around a bag since they can remember. Many women have an everyday bag (or two) slung over their shoulders, filled with things such as a wallet, keys, mobile, snacks, pens, laptop, makeup etc. Smaller bags such as a clutch or a crossover are often more convenient when attending special occasions or going out in the evening. Learning how to choose the perfect bag can be tricky, however, there are some key points to look for when choosing the right kind of bag. First, you have to look for what the bag is made of. This can make a huge difference in the wear and how long the bag will last. All our bags are made of high-quality leather or suede leather, which means that they are all very durable and will keep their beauty for a long time with the right care and protection. Secondly, you will have to think about what you need to keep in your bag in order to choose the right size. Unfortunately, bags do not grow, so when looking for a bag, it is a good idea to have a bit more room than you need. Thirdly, try thinking about what features you want the bag to have. Do you need pockets or padding for a laptop? Or maybe just a small compartment for a mobile and a wallet? Adax has a great variety of bags with several compartments and strategically placed pockets and removable adjustable straps if you need to carry around multiple items. You can also find smaller bags in our collection, if you only need to carry a handful of items. We always make sure to have a great variety of beautiful and practical bags for every occasion and person out there, and we will look forward to see which one you choose!