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RFID protection

Back in the days most thefts happened with the purpose of getting cash or belongings – today things have changed and money now comes in other forms than just cash. As more and more aspects of our modern life are digitalized, the thieves need to get more creative and smart.

Our RFID protection wallets protects against this RFID reading. A special blocking material is sewn in between the lining and the leather.

Thanks to this blocking material, your payment card will be shielded from misuse, and you will be able to feel safe whenever you go shopping!

RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. The technology is used in today's payment cards to make payments without physical contact between the card and the terminal – it is smart, but comes with a risk.

Using simple technology that is available via the Internet, unauthorized parties can now read your payment card details from a distance.

This means that paying with your card can be a risk as it can be misused without your knowledge and without your consent – but fear no more;