We have a strong focus on green objectives throughout our value chain whether it be using leather from the food industry to how our packages are delivered.

Read more about our distribution of our products here.

  • Packaging

We send out parcels every day, both to Denmark and abroad, and we are constantly looking to reduce our climate footprint by making shipping more climate friendly. We send parcels in both cardboard boxes and in plastic bags, all which are made from recyclable material.

At our office in Roskilde, we focus on recycling our packaging and all cardboard boxes are recycled when we deliver our supplies to our stores. We encourage all shops and consumers to sort our boxes into cardboard waste, and plastic bags into plastic waste giving our community the opportunity to recycle these.

  • Transport

At Adax, we always strive to choose the least environmentally damaging transport from our manufacturers to our warehouses. Most transport of products from China and India to Denmark is made by ship. From our warehouse to our retailers in Denmark and around Europe, our products are transported by truck.

In addition, our partners also have a strong focus on the working environment with a focus on certified work processes with regular audits.