Shoulder bags

Classic, simple, elegant, urbane, bohemian, colourful or special details; our grand array of shoulder bags gives you the opportunity to find one for every occasion or outfit. It is a staple piece and works splendidly for enhancing your personal style and will carry your most essential items at the same time. These bags are practical on the go and for different affairs. From classic black shoulder bags to colourful leather styles there’s a vast selection of styles that we are sure you will adore.

Crossover bags, crossbody bags or simply shoulder bags. The bag with the many names is without doubt the most stable piece in your bag collection. It can easily be worn with any outfit and easily carried hands-free, which makes these bags the must-have accessories in any wardrobe.

Shoulder bags are not only functional and a simple piece to wear, but also a fashion item that can add the last personal and unique touch to your look. Some designs and styles come and go; however, some are modern season upon season. A classic black or brown crossover is a favourite of many as a daily companion, while a more colourful bag with striking details can top off your outfit for a special occasion.

When buying a bag from Adax you can always be sure of that there’s never been any compromise to quality. Leather bags will often take a fine patina with time and when being used often, which will only add another level of coolness and softness to it.

Colourful tones, oversized shapes, striking details, metallic tones and decadent suede ‚Äď shoulder bags for women are an essential way to fresh up your outfit or for being a marvellous daily companion. Update your current bag with a new bag strap in a vibrant colour or complete your everyday look with a chic and contemporary bag in a metallic tone.