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Oh bags. Many women’s weakness and the subject of endless desire and yet one of the most functional items you might ever own. Whether they are just a practical necessity to go about your everyday or a fashion statement, women’s bags sit amidst a flurry of trends, styles and designs. We know all about it, as we been passionate about bags since 1982.

From shoulder bags and clutches to shopper bags and working bags, we’ve got every type of bag to help you carry it all. We are always brainstorming and thinking of new bag ideas, designs, colours and functions and we hope that you will be able to find a bag that you love in our extensive range of leather bags for women.

High quality, functionality and a beautiful design has always been key elements in our design process, and we believe that a stunning and useful bag is the most important accessories for women and an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

Bags are not just perfect for keeping your belongings stylishly hidden; they can also brighten up your outfit and be a fashionable statement. It should therefore never be completely random what kind of bag you choose as your arm candy.