Crossover leather bag is the perfect companion when you are traveling and want to have both hands free. Just swing the crossover over your shoulder or use it crossbody when you need to have your musthaves with you on the go.

A stylish crossover that can be used in a practical everyday life, with its many carrying options that can be used for cafe visit and a tour of the city, even if it were not planned from home.

Available in a wealth multitude of variants and colors from the classic black to the most fashionable color for the time being, there are beautiful, stylish, simple and timeless designs for those who want a beautiful and functional crossover.

The crossover bag, crossbody bag or cross shoulder bag: the bag known by many names and often the most functional, useful and versatile bag you will ever own! When out and about, a crossbody bag is often the best bag of choice. It can free up your hands and arms, and it is just big enough to keep your phone, wallet, keys and one or two other small items. A crossover bag for women will always ensure that your belongings are close to your body at all times, whether you are exploring the city or going grocery shopping.

A beautiful and stylish crossbody bag for women can easily add a touch of glamour and class to any outfit. With so many shapes, colours, details and textures in our collection, finding the perfect bag to fit your style has never been more fun! Plus, you can play with adjustable and removable straps, as many of our crossover bags have this styling option. In this way, you can make the bag truly your own.