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Gadens Børn x ADAX

Gadens Børn work to secure a better and brighter future for street children in Kolkata. Every day in Kolkata, they help more than 700 street children, to establish a future off the streets - and to fight against their social heritage.

They are dedicated to ensuring free, inclusive and equitable quality education,
as they believe it to be the strongest tool, they can provide the street children with, in their struggle for a life off the street and out of poverty.

That’s why we want to help. When you buy a red Christmas limited edition bag, we donate 10% to Gadens Børn.

It takes so little to give exposed children a chance to survive, go to school and be healthy and safe. Your donation is worth more than you think in Kolkata. For example for a donation of DKK 100 (EUR 13) 50 street children get fed, three street children are clothed and five street children get a blanket to keep them warm in the cool night.

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