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Safe working conditions

At Adax, our focus of responsibility lies within many of the aspects regarding sustainable production. This is why we are very aware of, and concerned with, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our biggest responsibility is, and has always been, a secure environment for the people creating our products. Thus, we have developed the mindset ‘Conscious creation’, circulating around the matters of both ‘sustainability’ and ‘human rights’.

The core of Adax is our employees, working from many different countries around the world. In the partnership through many years with our suppliers, we have a common goal: To respect and care for the individual employee.

By providing insurance for the employees and their families, free medical care, transportation and cantina, offering schooling for their children and supporting their right to exercise their individual religion, we are doing our best to maintain a safe workspace, where everyone is cared for. By investing in wastewater plants, we also help keeping the pollution in the areas of the production facilities to a minimum.

At Adax, our mission is conscious creation.