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Are you looking for a new bag with a vintage look? If so, we have the perfect bag collection for you.

Our Pixie collection from CPH ADAX is made of washed calfskin. Leather from calves secures a quality, which gives a more pure and delicate look. It goes without saying that skin from cattle that have lived an easy and good life is finer structured with less marks and bruises.

This exact design and look has come to life with inspiration from washed jeans. In the denim industry water is used in different ways to create the right look.

Take care

The washed design gives a vintage feel to the Pixie bags just like when you see a pair of old vintage jeans.

Remember to use Adax Protection Spray and Adax Balm for the best care and protection of the Pixie leather.

That way you will enjoy your bag for many years.

You would think that this was enough. But to develop the design further, all bags have after production been exposed to a big washing in large industrial washing machines.

By doing so, the bags get a completely different look than to begin with.

Because the washing of the Pixie bags only take place after production, fittings and small details appears like a harmonious part of the bag instead of being sewn on to the leather after it has been treated.

For that reason, they get a look that is rougher but has kept its delicate surface.