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At Adax, we love Valentine's Day, as it is a time to remind all our loved ones how much we appreciate them!

We want to inspire you to make experiences with your loved ones. We have therefore gathered a few experiences that are perfect during lockdown. We wish you a wonderful day.

Bake a cake

Is there a better social activity than being together on a project?

We love home baking, and the cozy moments it comes with. Adax's suggestions for your next baking project are cookies, cupcakes or coconut toppings.

There is nothing better than taking your own shopping net or bag to the supermarket. Next time, bring VALENTINA or KIKI, they will be your best shopping friend!

Drive in Bio

Drive in Bio is a super nice activity, which is ideal now that the cinemas are closed.

You can do it alone, or take your friend and get going.

To Drive in Bio belong snacks, sodas and blankets. Therefore, bring your MINDY or RIGMOR bag, which can hold all the snacks you need.

It can also be nice with a smaller bag where you can have your personal things in. Here we will recommend you a crossbody bag, such as our new SELINA or BRIGITTE bag.

Walk in nature

Since almost all things are closed and we therefore cannot do the things we usually do, walks have become a favorite among many. The so called "walk and talk" is super cozy, and you even get to do two things at once - you are both social and get exercised.

These days provide a good opportunity to try out new beautiful surroundings.

The choice of your bag is based on which activity you need to do, so that the bag makes the whole experience easier and more comfortable for you.

For a walk, it is always nice to have both hands free, and here both RANDI, LINA or ANNY can help you.

If the walk leads to a small picnic in the open air, where you have to bring snacks and blankets, you can use TERESE or THIT.

We hope you have found inspiration for activities you can do during this lockdown time.