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How to take care of your bag

Do you think it can be difficult to figure out the right care for your leather accessories?

We will guide you through the best care of your bag

Do you want to keep your bag for many years? If you treat your bag correctly, it can last many years.

To take care of your bags and accessories, we recommend using Adax Protection Spray or Adax Balm.

When you buy a new bag, it is important that you remember to impregnate it before use, so that the bag is well protected against everyday activities. We recommend that you take care of your bag at least twice a year, especially when change of season, and otherwise just as needed.

Before impregnating your bag, always remember to try on a small piece and see how the leather reacts. We recommend that you first try on our card holder, which is in your Adax bag.

As our care products are a natural product without color, you can also use it to other leather items, such as gloves, shoes, clothes and furniture.

Application of Leather Balm

Adax Leather Balm is a natural product without color, which highlights the color of the leather and extend the life of the product. Among other things, it impregnates against water and dirt, and gives the bag maximum care and protection.

The Leather Balm can be used for almost all leather. Never use it on suede.

If leather conditioner is used for our hand-braided bags, use as little Balm as possible so that it does not get into the braid.

How to use Leather Balm

  1. Remove all dirt with a moist cloth. Let it dry.
  2. Use the belonging sponge or a colorless lint-free cloth to circular applying a thin layer of Leather Balm.
  3. Let it dry before using the bag.

Application of Leather Protection Spray

Adax leather protection spray is a natural product that provides transparent protection against liquids, dirt and stains. It is important to impregnate your bag before use, and here we recommend the Protection Spray.

Regular protection with Adax Protection Spray extends product life.

How to use Leather Protection Spray

  1. Remove all dirt with a moist cloth. Let it dry.
  2. Spray 10-15 cm away from the bag.
  3. Let it dry before using the bag.



How to treat suede

Suede is very sensitive, so you have to be very careful about how you impregnate it. Never use Leather Balm or other conditioner on suede.

  1. Always impregnate suede bags before use, to make it water, dirt and grease resistant. We recommend Adax leather protection spray.
  2. For stains, use a suede brush very gently. Always try on a small area first.

How to treat nylon

Nylon is super easy to deal with. Simply clean the bag with a slightly damp cloth.