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Molise collection

A greener future with Eco-Friendly leather

At Adax we think about the environment and the future. It is very important for us to do something active to protect the environment, people, and climate. Molise is our top-quality line in an exciting and innovative design made in calfskin of the absolute best quality. It is also our very first step towards sustainable bag production.

The leather is tanned with products sourced from nature without the harmful use of chemicals helping us reduce our environmental footprint. With the conscious creation of this eco-friendly bag, we have maintained the same amazing quality and outstanding design. By caring for the environment in our production, and by producing with care, both you and I can still go with our favorite bags with a clear conscience. Molise is therefore made for the quality-conscious and trendy woman who wants to help support a greener future.

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With the high quality of Molie, the bag can, with the right treatment, last for many years. We recommend that this leather is treated regularly with Adax Protection Spray to protect the natural appearance of the leather.

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Exciting new designs

At Adax, we continue to think innovatively and try out new designs. Our design team has created a collection which differs in both quality and design from our customary bags. This renewal is founded in creating awareness as well as emphasis on Adax’s dedication to a continuous and increasing need for sustainable production.

The inspiration for Molise is the Nordic DNA, nature and culture, which has been considered throughout the design process. For all Molise bags, you see these very eye-catching and elegant draperies, which creates a perfect amount of dynamism for the bags. This season's inspiration is also seen in the choice of color palette: black, brown and mint.

Your Molise bag suits any occasion, and helps you spice up your outfit.