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Are you up for confirmation in the spring?

The big celebration is waiting ahead and the hopefully young people are looking forward to a lovely day and a lot of great gifts. But what to give?

We are giving you some cool ideas here:

For the chicks:

A handbag:
We seem them carried by bloggers all over the world. It have the perfect size for everyday use and add something “ladylike” to your look.

A Cross-over bag:

For the girl who are having her hands full. Can be choosen in different sizes: The small bag is great when you don’t want to carry around with a cloutch, the middle-size is perfect for everyday and party and the big bag where there is space enough for a pair of extra shoes.

The clutch:

It’s classy, but at the same time unique. It’s discret, elegant and will upgrade any look and then it also work as a wallet.

For the guys:

The schoolbag:

We got many cool and practically bags with space enough for computer and books.

The wallet:

The cool everyday accessory for the guys. We got many wallets or cardholders – all in nice qualities and designs.

The weekendbag:

Useful for getaways and also as a stylish sportsbag. Because of the classic look it will last in a lifetime.

The schoolbag:

What about a must-have shopper, a cool backpack or a classy leatherbag?
The bags are functional and in a great design – a great choise if the confirmand/young person is the type who always carry computer, books, the favorite shirt and a pair of extra shoes.

The bumbag:

If the confirmand don’t have to carry so much the bumbag is a super cool solution and can easily be part of their outfit. Then you can always carry your computer in a spacious shopper.

The wallet:

The wallet is a must-have and something you are carrying with you everyday, so it have to be totally faboulous and nice to hold in your hand. You can use a statement-wallet or a more classy one.


With a cute bag-charm you can add your personally touch to your bag. Also a lovely gift if the budget is not that big.