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Cathrine Dufour

Our Campaign ”Strong Women” continues

We kick started the campaign "Strong Women" with our self, the team behind ADAX. Now it continues and we passed on to one of Denmark's biggest dressage riders, Cathrine Dufour.

"It is with great honor that we can present a woman like Cathrine Dufour. A woman who has as much power as her horses, " says Marketing Manager Anne Grundahl.

We want to tell the story of Cathrine Dufour. The story of a 25-year-old woman from Hvalsø, Denmark, whose passion has turned into race of gold medals. The story of a sport where rider and horse become one unit. The story of how all hours of the day are invested - because she cannot live without it.

In addition to life in the stable, Cathrine is also a great model and mentor for several thousand girls throughout the world. With her 92,000 followers on Instagram, who follow her every day though training and performances – with this comes a big responsibility.

"I'm often surprised how much my words weigh. I suddenly have a voice in the industry and to the girls who follow me, " says Cathrine Dufour, and continues "It is a new factor for me - something that I'm honored with, but it also brings a great deal of responsibility."

We are so proud that Cathrine will be the face of our AW17 collection. Her strong personality adds great values to our new collection, something we aim and love to be identified with.

We hope that you love Cathrine and our new collection like ourselves. Please share photos, from your everyday, with our bags on both Instagram and Facebook - we'll be so happy!

"We wish to be the voice of strong women and allow them to tell their stories," explains Anne Grundahl, and continues "Stories that should focus on seeing the strong in people from several angles. Whether it's big muscles, a strong mind or something completely third, we want to emphasize people with strong values and who stand for something unique – And Cathrine is a perfect match to that".

Cathrine Dufour was the youngest of the Danish participants to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, and recently she has achieved great results at major international competitions and now competing among the world's very best.

"I live and breathe to become one of the best in the world, and do all it takes to get better every single day. The thought that my competitors train every single day pushes me out of bed and to the gym, even on the earliest and coldest winter mornings, " says Cathrine Dufour.