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ADAX x Josefine Dyring Knit

People are knitting like never before. At Adax, we have become so fascinated by this increased trend that we have chosen to make knitting a part of our latest collaboration! In partnership with Josefine Dyring we have created a concept called ADAX x Josefine Dyring Knit.

The formula for the perfect outfit

When purchasing our popular Kasmira bag, you’ll get a knitting pattern for free, but hurry up – it's only until July 14.
You’ll get the pattern for Josefine’s beautiful knit sweater and it’s totally up to you to pick the colours and combinations that match your look and make your knit personal.

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or just jumped on the bandwagon, this knit is for you who want to explore creativity and unique design.

Wear a retro bag with your homemade sweater

With the big buckle and narrow straps, Kasmira is inspired by the iconic bags of the 90s. Kasmira is hand-sewn in Salerno leather, which has a beautiful shiny surface that compliments the design. You can get the bag in the colours Black, Brown Sugar, Melon and Moss.

Make your look unique with a homemade sweater and your new Kasmira bag.

Creative and beautiful craftsmanship

Josefine Dyring Knit was founded in November 2019 by Josefine Dyring. Josefine focuses on the design and production of unique knitwear and knitting patterns. For Josefine, knitting is not just a product but just as much an activity that has a sensuous destressing effect.

Knitting is time consuming, and therefore it’s important that you get the room for artistic expression and exploration during the making of the knit. Therefore, colours are a big part of Josefine’s universe – where we share the joy of colours through our bags.