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A hand-braided collection

The Bacoli collection is characterized by its simple design and delightful details. The collection came from a penchant for great materials and uncompromising design, where the intention was to create the optimal bag for the quality-conscious and modern woman.

The Bacoli collection includes bags and wallets in different sizes and is available in the colours: black and dark brown. There are plenty of opportunities to style your outfit in different ways, either with a cool black bumbag, the perfect shoulder bag in the beautiful dark brown color, or a smaller sized bag.

It is recommended that the skin be treated regularly with Adax Protection Spray. This is to preserve the characteristic properties and unique appearance of the skin.

Read more about take care here.

The collection consists of bags braided by hand with strong references to Italian elegance and luxurious design. The bags stand out with their hand-braided leather, which also means that the bags take 2-3 times longer to make, than a bag without the braided details.

The bags are made from high-quality Salerno leather, which ensures good durability and a characteristic surface that only gets more beautiful over time.